We conducted a long analytical study and found out that humanity produces about 300 million tons of plastic a year, of which only 12% is recycled. However, to be honest, these numbers are so large that the brain refuses to comprehend them. Therefore, we will clarify: two out of three fish on Earth are prone to swallowing plastic.


We also know that recycling is spread very unevenly across industries. Plastic beverage bottles are more readily and efficiently recycled, while skincare packaging is more likely to end up in landfill. Products designed to clean and care in the end pollute and destroy.

Why is this happening? Often the reason is in the packaging material, less often it’s the material of the product itself. And, of course, not everyone brings such containers to the right bins.

That is why we offer a radically new solution: to completely abandon incremental plastic, that is form of packaging that needs to be bought again and again. And replace it with biodegradable materials. We also offer to pack not a liquid product, which can affect the success of recycling processing, but a dry powder. It is convenient to use and after it, there will be no problems with recycling the materials.


But we must be honest: this idea will work only with your support. We are well aware that the environment is not the pressing problem for most of us: work, children, a cat, credit, vacation - the shortest list of daily areas that require your constant attention. Our goal is not to intimidate you, not to crush you with moral superiority, not to force you. But to make the environmental friendliness as comfortable and accessible as possible for you.


Among ourselves, we call this state of eco-comfort. Its important points are awareness of one’s accomplishments and taking care of oneself. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you praise yourself for every (even small) environmentally friendly act and remember that the ReDaily team is proud of you. With love and admiration, ReDaily



    Using our soap powder helps you reduce plastic waste by up to 96%. Our products are made from natural ingredients, some of which are even edible. This means that if our soap powder accidentally ends up in rivers, lakes, or the sea, it won't harm nature or disrupt its balance.


    We have spent years developing body care products made from natural ingredients that are as functional and effective as the products found on supermarket shelves. Our hand wash and body wash cleanse the body gently while providing a soothing and moisturising effect. ReDaily shampoo and hair rinse nourish the hair with essential nutrients.


    ReDaily offers reasonable prices, and it's very easy to order our products to various parcel lockers across Estonia. We have made every effort to make our products affordable and easily accessible to all residents of Estonia.