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How it works

You buy a bottle made from recycled plastic. And you can finally stop warring about your plastic recycling.


Fill the bottle with warm tap water up to the indicated mark.


Use warm water to make sure the product dissolves better.

We recommend using our bottles, as they make mixing the right dosages easy and convenient.

Add the powder from your package to the bottle


For your convenience, we have placed a cut line on the packaging.


You do not have to worry about the packaging, as it's biodegradable and you can simply send it to the wastebasket.

Close the bottle and shake it.


The product will be ready in 10 minutes.

As we wanted to make our formulas as environmentally friendly as possible, it will take time for them to completely dissolve.

It’s completely normal and the product will fully dissolve in time for its use.

Shake it again and your product is ready for use!

With ReDaily products, you can save up to 96% on plastic waste per product.

Our products may turn out less thick than you used to, but do not worry. They are just as effective in comparison to the conventional brands. We went all out.

We have many pleasant aromas for the most demanding taste. Find your favorite one.