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about the company

About Us

The ReDaily project, like many others, was born in bath. One of our team members complained about how many different bottles he had in his bathroom. He was especially afraid of what was going to happen to all those bottles after. And rightfully so, as at best some of them would be only partially recycled.


The big problem

And that is when we realized that, in fact the problem was much bigger than just our overflowing bathrooms, because there are millions of such bathrooms all over the globe. And every day more and more bottles go through them on a one-way journey. Resulting in million tons of plastic every year.

We wanted to understand

We set out to find out why, in the 21st century, we still cannot solve this problem. After talking with people from all side of the “eco-friendly" debate, we found out that zero-waste products are quite difficult to access and afford.


A simple and affordable solution

We realized that sustainability needs to be accessible. Anyone can do his part to help the environment given the opportunity.


This is how the ReDaily project was born. A project designed to help people be eco-friendly in an affordable and convenient way. We offer a simple initiative - stop moving plastic from place to place and replace it with biodegradable refillable bottles. Very simple, but modestly ingenious idea.

Join our company: we have environmental friendliness and comfort, to share with you and your home.

Why us


Environmentally friendly

Our approach to packaging helps to save up to 96% of potential plastic consumption per year, while pleasantly surprise you with its eco-friendly composition.



The functionality of the products is no different from other products on the supermarket shelf. Preserving southing and moisturizing functions of hand wash, thickens hair effects of shampoo, and effectiveness of household products.



We are working hard to keep our prices as low as possible for you, be on the look out for our affordable prices at the stores near you.